The Advantages of Selling Your House for Cash

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There are several advantages when selling your home for cash.

The Quick House Sale Process

Mark King can buy your home for cash in just 7 days. Therefore, if you’re looking to sell your house fast, you’ve hit gold. In just 7 days, we offer a cash completion service, with no delays whatsoever.
First of all, a valuation will be arranged at your home and an offer will be made within 24 hours. Contracts will be exchanged within 7 days, unless you need more time; Mark King works to your needs.
The whole process is extremely efficient and due to there being no middle man, there are no legal costs when selling your house for cash.

Fixed Price

The beauty of the sell house fast service that Mark King Properties provides is that your house will be bought at a fixed price. This means you’re guaranteed to get the money offered, whereas, with a chain, potential buyers are likely to try and get the price dropped.

A variety of offers could be made from prospective buyers, all of which could be lower than the asking price. Whereas with a cash property buyer, you’ll be offered a price after the free valuation and can walk away with 100% cash in just 7 days.
In many cases, the cash offer can give a higher net result than using an estate agent, plus of course, there is no danger of a down valuation, of course.

No Chain House Sale

No Fees

Estate agents fees vary depending on the type of contract you have. However, generally, expect to pay between 1%-3% of the sale price and 20% VAT.

A cash property buyer such as Mark King does not charge any fees; there are no valuation costs and no estate agency or legal fees. It will cost you nothing for Mark King to buy your house. You will receive the full amount agreed, in cash, unless there are any mortgages, debts or penalties secured on your house.

If you are looking for a quick house sale Mark King Properties can make you a cash offer today. We Buy Any House regardless of condition. Get a free cash offer today click here.

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