Benefits of Selling Your House to a Property Cash Buyer

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When it comes to selling a house fast, the golden ticket has to be when a Professional Property Cash Buyer comes along and makes you a fair, guaranteed, cash offer with minimal fuss.

Benefits of Selling Your House to a Property Cash Buyer in South Wales

That is exactly what I do here at Mark King Properties, unlike an “amateur” property cash buyer who can offer no certainty, or have circumstances that may change resulting in them having to take a mortgage, my clients have the comfort and security of knowing that any cash offer I make will complete on time, with no risk and more importantly with no costs.

When a buyer pulls out of a house sale (which is something I have done both a video and blog post on) it can have devastating financial effects, which is why it’s so important to secure a cash offer if you have the opportunity, especially as statistics show that 1/3 house sales fall through.  

Selling a house without a property cash buyer is very stressful

Seeing the positive impact that my business has on people’s lives, and the lifeline it can give when people need it the most, I thought I would take some time to explain the 5 main benefits of selling a property to a Professional Property Cash Buyer.

Selling a house in South Wales without a Property Cash Buyer will likely involve a long and costly chain

When Sell a House to a Property Cash Buyer There Is No Chain

Professional Cash buyers are “chain-less” which means they are in complete control and that the house sale can progress quickly. It is a frustrating fact that delays are common in a property sale such as lengthy mortgage applications, income and expenditure checks and general waiting on factors beyond your control. 

When your progression relies on other people’s positions in the chain, it makes it very difficult to move forward with the speed that is often required. Accepting a cash offer makes it far less likely for the sale to fall through and provides the seller with comfort and confidence which a typical buyer just cannot compete with.

a row of terraced houses in South Wales

Flexible Time-Frame

As I mentioned above, it is common for delays to surface when selling or buying a property which is why it’s a huge advantage to use a service like mine as I can complete in as little as 7 working days from my offer being accepted. 

But this can also work in reverse, perhaps you need a little more time in your property to sort things out? A regular buyer will typically need access to their new property as soon as possible, whereas a Professional Cash Buyer can be more flexible and work on a time scale that suits you and your situation. 

Get your early cash release when selling a house to a property cash buyer

We know that there are many reasons for a house sale and unfortunately not all are pleasant, so I approach my clients with empathy, discretion and the time they need to complete the sale with minimal stress and disruptions. 

planing to sell a house to a property cash buyer

Early Cash Release

At Mark King Properties we offer an incentive known as an Early Cash Release or Advance, this is where I can release part of the funds before the sale has reached completion.  

Over my 20 years of experience, I have seen the huge relief this can give and the opportunities it provides to my clients.

another happy customer of Mark King Properties - South Wales No.1 Property Cash Buyer

Accessing funds early can be a huge help when it comes to things like moving costs, a deposit on your next home, rent payments, paying off any existing credit or finance, or simply making life a little more comfortable. I have found it to be a tonic for clients who want to progress as quickly and as securely as possible. 

No Need for Repairs or Redecorating when selling a house to a property cash buyer

No Need for Repairs or Redecorating

Most Professional Property Cash Buyers will buy a house in any condition, regardless of it requiring repairs or a poor, dated cosmetic state. This is something I offer to all of my clients to provide them with certainty that they will not be turned away. 

House seller making home improvements

When a house requires repairs it can hinder the sale with typical buyers and make them reluctant to make an offer because so much work may be needed. I see buy-to-let properties have been destroyed or trashed by troublesome tenants making it almost impossible for the owner to make the repairs because of the mounting costs and lack of cooperation.

Frequently properties will require huge clear-outs that can often take teams of people time, all of the stress and expense can be avoided by selling to a Professional Property Cash Buyer like myself.

DIY painting to try and sell a house fast

No Fees, No Costs, No Worries

Selling or buying a house is one of the most expensive things you are ever likely to do, which is why selling to a Professional Property Cash Buyer is such a financially savvy option.

Solicitors’ fees, broker costs, surveys, and valuations are just to name a few of some of the mounting costs to expect. 

avoid solicitor fees when selling to a property cash buyer

At Mark King Properties, when I make a cash offer, you get 100% of it and I take care of any of the costs incurred behind the scenes. Leaving you with more money to use on your next purchase, helping to cover costs you may have to come. Saving money will help you to continue enjoying life with fewer financial worries, so you can focus on your family, your dreams and your inspirations.

Happy house sellers on the beach

Of course, there are many more advantages and benefits when it comes to selling a house to the right  Professional Property Cash Buyer. If you want to find out more, head to my YouTube channel, subscribe and leave a comment whilst you’re there. 

And remember, if you are in the South of Wales and have a property you want to sell quickly, for cash, with no fees do get in touch via the Website or fill in my Free Valuation Form.

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