How the Brexit is affecting the property market

Posted on: 17th July 2016 | Filled under: Property Market News
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My name is Mark King and I am a Cardiff-based property buyer. I buy properties throughout the South Wales region. I’ve been in the business over 20 years and have bought over 700 properties in that time.

Brexit and how it is affecting the property market

The word on everyone’s lips in the industry at the moment is Brexit and how it is affecting the property market. As a buyer who is out there everyday of the week buying and selling properties and renting them as well, I can see the changes have already hit the market. What you may find now is that, if you have got your property under offer, buyers may want to renegotiate because they are worried about prices falling, which is quite probable or they may pull out of the sale altogether.

How to sell a house within this current market

What I wanted to do over my few blogs is share with you some of the things you can do to sell your property within this type of market, which is not dissimilar to the crisis we had in 2008. What you need to do in order to price correctly, presenting your property correctly and the types of properties that are selling and not selling. The first part of the market that gets hit is the investment type of property. So if you have got a property in an area that is dominated by landlord investors or it is a commercial property, these are already becoming more difficult to sell. However people still have to move so if you have got a property that would appeal to a owner/occupier, you may have to just present it properly and adjust the price and still be able to sell it.

If however you are looking to move the property quickly and you don’t want the hassle and waiting for the unknown in the market, where it is becoming fairly obvious the prices are starting to drop and this will escalate over a period, I am more than happy to have a look at the property for you, I’ll make you an offer, and if you decide you want to go ahead with it, I can complete that as quickly as within seven days.

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