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How to keep your house cool during a heatwave

26th July 2021

The MET Office has issued a rare Amber, extreme heat weather warning after consultations with Public Health England. The warning says to prepare for temperatures to reach a staggering 35 degrees in some areas of the UK.There have also been concerns regarding people’s health and wellbeing during such extreme weather conditions. The vast majority of […]

Will The Property Market Crash?

20th July 2021

As UK house prices continue to soar, it seems that any hope for the property market to calm is a long way off. With each month that passes, new records are being broken, which fuels mass speculation that a crash in the property market is inevitable. The increase in property demand is down to incentives […]

Indemnity Insurance on Property

03rd December 2019

A guide to help answer questions about Indemnity Insurance.  What is Indemnity Insurance?  Indemnity Insurance is used in conveyancing to offer sellers protection if there is a defect with their property. Sellers take out a policy to cover any costs from the buyer, making a claim against their property. There is usually only a one-off […]

Who wants to buy a South Wales beach?

05th September 2017

If it is one thing Wales has in abundance, it is beautiful homes, historic landmarks, and enviable open spaces. But how would you like to be the proud owner of one of the best views the country has to offer? The gorgeous 2.2 acre Saundersfoot beach in Pembrokeshire was put on the market this summer, […]

Will Brexit affect my house sale?

10th April 2017

In the last few weeks, Google has recorded a huge number of searches on the term “How will Brexit affect…….?” High on the list of topics attached to this question is the repercussions for property prices and mortgages. So now Article 50 (what is Article 50? click here to learn about it) has been triggered, […]

5 main reasons why house sales fall through 2016

24th October 2016

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, securely and free from concerns about sale completion, a cash sale could be for you. Data released earlier this year demonstrated that one in four house sales fell through in 2015. This could be for a variety of reasons, but most of these can be solved […]

Are low interest rates good for a quick house sale?

16th September 2016

On the face of it, news that interest rates in the UK are now at their lowest level since the founding of the Bank of England in 1694 is quite depressing, especially for those intending to save money. But in the world of investment, some are effected positively, and some are effected negatively, and as […]

Landlords looking to sell houses fast following the Brexit

11th August 2016

Hi Guys, My name is Mark King, I’m a Cardiff based property buyer. Just wanted to catch up on what is happening in the South Wales Market at the moment. We are getting a lot of calls from landlords and investors that are looking to sell on at the moment. A lot of people are […]

How to sell a house in a changed South Wales Property Market

27th July 2016

My name is Mark King and I am a Cardiff-based property buyer. I buy properties throughout the South Wales region. I’ve been in the business over 20 years and have bought over 700 properties in that time. How to sell a property following the recent Brexit. Part of my short series on Brexit, I want […]

How the Brexit is affecting the property market

17th July 2016

My name is Mark King and I am a Cardiff-based property buyer. I buy properties throughout the South Wales region. I’ve been in the business over 20 years and have bought over 700 properties in that time. Brexit and how it is affecting the property market The word on everyone’s lips in the industry at […]

How has Brexit affected the future of the UK property market?

13th July 2016

Since the UK voted to leave the EU in June’s referendum, politicians, economists, financial bodies and us property experts have all been overrun with conflicting messages about how Brexit will impact the UK property market. Even prior to the vote Chancellor George Osborne warned that a vote to leave could impact housing prices, Prime Minister […]

If UK Exit The EU, Will House Prices Fall?

10th June 2016

UK exit from the EU could result in house prices dropping by 5% Current UK Housing Market As Part Of The EU Britain joined the EU in 1973, and since then we have seen a significant increase in property value estimated at 2000%. However we are now approaching threats with the uncertainty of the referendum. […]

Will South Wales Millionaire Sell His House Fast?

18th April 2016

Local millionaire businessman Wayne Devine lives in a truly spectacular 8 bedroom home in Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. A home which 13 years ago sparked a Super Star bidding war that made the mansion sell faster than the estate agent, Richard Morgan, of Watts and Morgan, was expecting. The home sold so fast that […]

Why The UK Housing Bubble Is A Very Real Concern

07th April 2016

Property Experts Speak Of An Unsustainable Bubble The UK housing market could be heading for a crash suggests leading property market experts, as 2016 is predicted ‘unsteady’ for all involved. The UK housing bubble is a very real concern. We are all aware that UK house prices have been fiercely increasing since the critical fall of […]

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