Property Market Tips And Tricks

What is a homeowner loan?

27th July 2022

Homeowner loans are a type of secured loan that you can take out against the equity in your house to provide you with extra credit, usually at a lower interest rate than personal loans or credit cards. You should seriously consider them if you want to avoid making changes to your mortgage that could potentially […]

All You Need to Know About Remortgaging Your Property

01st February 2022

What does remortgaging mean? Remortgaging means moving your current mortgage to a different/new lender or product against the same property. This could mean applying to the same lender/bank or a new mortgage lender. Remortgaging can help raise money for home improvements or a special purchase, but it is important to consider whether it is an […]

When Was my House Built

02nd October 2021

How to find out the age of your house. A simple way to find out the age of your house is to check the HM Land Registry records, as they have historical ownership records called Title Registers, or Deeds. You can discover the age of any property by checking when the original transfer took place […]

How to Choose the Best Mortgage

27th August 2021

10 Helpful Tips & Things To Consider When Choosing a Mortgage  When buying a property, the majority of people require a loan to help pay for it. This type of loan is called a mortgage and is likely to be the most significant financial commitment you ever make. The loan is something that the applicant […]

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