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If you’re looking to buy property in Wales, you’ll be spoilt for choice. As an incredibly diverse country with a fascinating history, Wales encompasses everything from beautiful wildlife reserves to bustling city life. Whether you’re looking to live by a Roman amphitheater or in the middle of the city center, Wales can provide you with your dream home; provided you’re willing to do a bit of digging!

A country of variety, Wales has so much to offer to anyone looking to find their dream home. Whether it’s for their stunning views, beachside lifestyle or quirky nature, here are some of our favorite places that you can settle down in Wales:

Cardiff / Caerdydd

If you’re looking for city life, Cardiff has it all: culture, shopping, sports and even a castle. The city has a bright events scene including opera, theatre, and concerts as well as galleries and regular festivals. With a mixture of old and new architecture, Cardiff is a real hybrid, and whether you’re looking for a modern apartment or classic-style property, there’s something there for all tastes. With three University campuses and multiple museums, there are plenty of educational facilities too.

The capital city of Wales, Cardiff is close enough to the Welsh border to make commuting over to Somerset and Bristol comfortable. Not to mention, compared to the South West, Cardiff offers property at a fantastic price, making it even more appropriate for commuting. For even more convenient city living, Cardiff Centre and Cardiff Bay even offer free on-street WiFi connectivity; very metropolitan.

Caerleon / Caerllion

Ever wanted to live by a Roman fortress? In Caerleon, you can. This town sits right on the outskirts of Newport but seems to be a world of its own with a village-like feel only improved by the close-knit community and old-fashioned high street. Historians have even listed Caerleon as the home of King Arthur, and the town is steeped in history, with ancient walls and structures dotted around the town waiting to be discovered.

With both modern houses and old-fashioned cottages available, there’s a mix of old and new in Caerleon; with great connections to local schools making it ideal for a young family who wants to get out of the hustle and bustle and into somewhere with more greenery and fresh air. Caerleon is close enough to Newport and Cardiff for shopping, day visits and commuting but offers enough distance to feel remote and enclosed in its own bubble.

Tenby / Dinbych-y-pysgod

In the past, Tenby was known as the “Little England beyond Wales” – and compared to the majority of Wales, this is true; but Tenby has its charm as a stunning harbourside town offering plentiful wildlife, attractive beaches and a laid-back way of life. Known for its quirky painted houses and Victorian buildings, Tenby has over 372 listed properties, including castle walls dating back to the 16th century. Tenby’s Welsh name means ‘fortlet of the fish’ – further illustrating its fishing-based background, with life-based out on the waves.

Offering a quiet life by the sea during the colder months and an exciting tourist-centered atmosphere during the summer, Tenby offers the best of both worlds for those looking to get away from it all – and is also an ideal location for anyone looking to start a B&B or hospitality-based business. As with all of the Pembrokeshire coast, there’s always time for kayaking, surfing or paddling if that’s the kind of thing you like.

Monmouth / Trefynwy

Nestled within the Wye Valley, Monmouth is another Welsh town that has more than a little history. With direct connections to Henry V, Monmouth sets where the River Monnow meets the River Wye, and is about two miles away from the Wales/England Border, crossing into Tintern and Chepstow. Monmouth offers a connection to the stunning Wye Valley, with fantastic wildlife and festivals such as the River Festival allowing residents to get closer to the nature that surrounds them.

There is evidence of a settlement in the Monmouth area as far back as the Bronze age, but the architecture of Monmouth reflects classic designs from the 17th century onwards, in addition to a fully intact medieval castle. The outskirts of the town also have a variety of modern properties ideal for those not looking to live right in the center of a town, but close enough to experience all Monmouth has to offer.

Ready to pack up your things?

We know we are. With all the stunning locations Wales has to offer, there are more than a few hidden gems out there. Whether you’re looking for a 18th-century cottage or a stunning modern apartment overlooking the waterfront, Wales has more than enough variety to delight anyone.

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