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Why Mark King Offers an alternative, unique and up to date route to sell your house fast in 2018

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In 2018 the conventional routes of selling a home are a little outdated.

Traditional estate agents methods are under scrutiny and with high fees, legal complications and lengthy market time, it’s easy to understand why we are seeing an increase in alternative options to selling our homes. The market is questionable and it isn’t just that estate agents that are being scrutinised or to put it bluntly, tiring of current methods. We are now living a much faster pace of life, we have less time to waste, we value our time more and we are now actively challenging what isn’t working for us. People who simply want to sell their homes in 2018 want things done properly, transparently and with good timely intention.

But it isn’t just a change of lifestyle and a question of current methods that sees the conventional routes of selling a home outdated.

2016 highlighted serious future uncertainty for the UK property market. Brexit was real and the UK housing market is unpredictable, we are still only at infancy stage when it comes seeing or understanding the true repercussions. In light of all this, selling your home within a distinguished time frame is proving increasingly difficult. Our time, our money and our efforts are invested into selling homes and still, through current methods, we see no sign of any guaranteed results.

Conventional methods can be looked at as a lack of control, an investment risk that more people are not willing to take.


So what are the house sale alternatives and why are they working?

Mark King is a local property investor offering a unique service to South Wales. Marks genuine service offers clients a guaranteed cash price for their home, which to date has helped over 700+ people in South Wales sell successfully. This house sale alternative is proving its worth and the service works for those clients who want a trusted house sale.

Mark King has been involved in the property business for over twenty years and has worked directly with numerous clients who needed to sell their homes for various reasons.

By completing the online form directly on the website, Mark King Properties free service makes the individual an instant and guaranteed cash offer and if accepted, Mark King properties have a professional team ready to complete the sale, all legalities included, in as little as seven days.

If you are unable to move within seven days then Mark King Properties are able to offer a tailored service that works for the individual. This unique service sees the vendor in control and whilst dealing directly with Mark, who is available to answer all of your questions, you are able to communicate when is a suitable and realistic time for you to move.

What are the top key benefits of selling your home with Mark King Properties?

A Guaranteed Cash Offer

Mark King is a local property investor who is able to make a guaranteed cash offer to all those wanting to sell their home in South Wales. With an immediate accessibility to cash funds, once an offer is made there is no chance of the offer falling through.

This kind of cash offer is non-dependant, meaning that if the vendor accepts, you really will receive the money regardless of any existential circumstance.

The release of funds to help with costs.

Once the vendor has accepted the cash offer, Mark King Properties works closely with his clients to deliver the paperwork and the sale completion. Before the vendor moves out, Mark King is able and willing to release a percentage of the funds to help the vendor with any alternative arrangements. Past funds have been released to help front a deposit on a house, general moving costs, or a deposit for a new rental.

Mark King works with an official law firm who aid this overall process.

Covers the legal side of selling a home

One of the most complicated parts of selling a home is applying and making sense of the legal paperwork. Mark King Properties works closely with an official law firm who help make ease of all paperwork completion. The officials take care of it all, including the release of funds, leaving the sale completion smooth and stress-free. What’s more this service is covered for free and there are no hidden fees.

Moving day – flexible service tailored to the individual

Mark King Properties offers a completion sale of seven days. If you need a quick house sale then this is your seven-day opportunity. However, many that contact Mark King cannot commit to moving out of their home within seven days. Mark King is able to work closely with his clients, offering a flexible approach to your move date. Whether you know your moving date or not, Mark King will work with you and cooperate in a way that suits both parties.


Deal directly with Mark King

Throughout your house sale, you are dealing directly with a local property expert who is readily available to answer questions. Mark King works closely with his clients, offers a professional streamlined service that takes the stress out of selling your home.

Sell your house fast for cash today

Call Mark King Properties Today On : 02920 501 001

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