Home Design On A Budget: The Bathroom Makeover

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If you’re a regular reader you may be aware of our Home Design on a Budget series. It’s a series of posts that tackle the all-time home improvement dilemma: the best ways to redesign your home, without spending a fortune.

The series aims to provide tips to improve your home, either to make it more desirable for yourself and your family or to attract a buyer. There are improvements you can make throughout your home to increase its curb appeal and give it a modern edge that ultimately makes it more desirable. The kitchen, many agree, is a great place to focus on if adding value is a priority. Last month we documented the best ways to upgrade your kitchen on a budget. But the bathroom is often next on everyone’s list. Do you know how much your home is worth currently? 

Fix the leaking tap, upgrade the shower, give it a lick of paint. They’re just some of the things on our bathroom makeover ‘to do’ list. In today’s post, we focus on the top 11 ways to improve your bathroom, whether you’re enticing a buyer or you simply want to spruce up this important room for yourself and add a bit of luxury for less!

Tackle the suite

If you’re not happy with the current suite, that’s the first problem to tackle. This will likely be the biggest expense of the makeover, but the thing that will guarantee most impact. The best and most obvious choice is a clean, white finish which you can dress up with furnishings and features as you desire.


Update the fittings

If you’re lucky enough to have a decent suite already, then the next place to look is the fixtures and fittings. Updating the taps, toilet flush handles, door knobs and toilet roll holders is a cost-effective way to update the style of the room without spending a fortune. If you want to go a step further, update the radiator to a heated towel rail too.

Love these sparkling stone splashbacks, basin and tap from Roper Rhodes, just finishing another flip house

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Feature shower head

‘Bathtime’ is a time to unwind and relax, but this doesn’t always have to be in the bathtub. Showers can be just as therapeutic in helping us take a well-deserved break from our busy lives. Create a spa shower experience by investing in a large, rainwater effect shower head. You’ll get the remedial effects of a long, hot bath for a fraction of the price of a luxury spa bathtub.

Ditch the shower curtain

Shower curtains, no matter how new, always end up looking grubby. Adding a glass shower screen is practical, stunning and works to make the room look bigger, too. If you want to add a touch of elegance to the room without spending a fortune, then a great glass screen is a wise investment.

Avoid nautical colours

When painting your bathroom, shades of clean white will maximise the natural light, opening up the space if it’s small or cramped. Gone are the days when nautical blues are the go-to bathroom shade. Instead, add drama with monochrome to create a bold new look on a budget. Or consider pale, muted greens for a serene bathroom space that’s timeless.

Timeless tiles

Small tiles in a bathroom can be high maintenance. More grout means more scrubbing in the long run, which can age the bathroom prematurely. Instead, go big with your tiles and keep them in a chic, modern shade like off-white, dove grey or a warmer matte stone to keep things low maintenance and timeless, for as long as possible.

Add a large mirror

To double the size of the space, bring in much-needed light and add what could be a stunning feature into the room, add a large mirror. When budgets are tight, mirrors are the ultimate way to improve the overall look and feel of any room. A large mirror will transform the room into a desirable space that’s inviting, spacious and practical.

Go green

Some plants thrive in the warm, dampness of a bathroom. So once your new fittings are in place, finish off the look with a large potted plant or two. You can also ‘go green’ in the bathroom by making use of cheap, natural materials like cork, stone, and bamboo. Create a stone bathtub feature by fixing stone to the side of the tub or install cork flooring for a warm, natural look and feel.

Go for stylish storage

Never underestimate the power of a good tidy and reorganise. Once you’re happy with what you want to store in your bathroom, install shelves for items that look great on display (towels, plants, featured products). Large wicker baskets with lids offer a versatile solution to store most items that you don’t want on show. Better yet, install an extra bathroom cabinet above the toilet, to make the most of a small space.


Don’t overlook the lighting

Lighting is so important in a bathroom, yet often overlooked. If you want to create a more expensive, luxury feel, then making a feature of the lighting is the way to go. Otherwise, you need to make sure your bathroom lighting is bright, warm and practical. Avoid a bright white light above the mirror and instead opt for dimmer, warmer shade.

Add a splash of luxury

Investing money in high-quality towels will go far to make your bathroom look like a million dollars. Go for a natural, warm colour that’s both practical and stylish. Sage green or warm, amber-orange work well if you want to add a splash of colour, no pun intended! Also, add a luxurious feel by investing in quality products to make the room smell like a spa.

Take visitors on a journey of the senses with subtle scents and they’ll soon be imagining themselves unwinding after a long week in the spa shower. It might just be enough for them to make that offer! Mission accomplished.


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