Home Design On A Budget: The Kitchen Makeover

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Last month at Mark King Properties, we looked at home design on a budget. Our written article discussed how to add style (and potential value!) to your home, without a considerable expense.

Home design On A Budget: The Kitchen Makeover

Whether it’s in preparation for sale, or to improve the appearance of your home, then our tips will help you achieve this. It’s not about cutting corners; It’s more about being smart with your spending and making simple yet effective changes that can make a difference to the whole look and feel of your home.

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This month, we’re looking at one room in particular: the kitchen.

Other property experts will agree; if you’re going to update any room in the home, it’s the kitchen that will have the most impact. But not just financially (although invest here and you’ll see the biggest return on your cash compared to any other room) updating your kitchen can be the most rewarding for your family too. Kitchens are the hub of any home, so it pays to make this place shine.

Here are our top tips for a kitchen makeover on a budget!

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Before you get started:

Keep things simple

If you’re looking to add value to sell, the makeover needs to be simple, minimalistic and not at all cluttered. Viewers need to be able to see themselves living there. Help them envision the potential by keeping things simple. If the style is too extravagant or to your own taste, this could set you back if you’re looking for a quick sale. So before you do anything, keep things clean, light and uncomplicated, and you won’t go far wrong.

D-I-Y workforce

Doing it all yourself can be daunting. It takes time, commitment and a lot of planning. But, once you have a plan in place, you’ll be surprised at how many friends you can call upon to help, or family members who have done similar projects (like fitted a laminate flooring) before. This is key to keeping costs down as low as possible.

Kitchen Design On A Budget with Mark King Properties, Cardiff

Getting to work: cupboards, worktops, tiles and flooring

Get organised

Having a plan of action will make the whole makeover easier from start to finish. As you’ll be doing lots of the work yourself, work out which bits and in what order. Which parts of the makeover are dependant on others? For example, you can’t fit the new worktops if the cabinet doors aren’t intact, so sorting new cabinets will be one of the first jobs on the list. There are lots of kitchen remodelling guides online you can call upon to help if needed.

CUPBOARDS: revamp or replace

A brand new fitted kitchen is costly, so, on a budget, the best way is to revamp or replace. Start with the cupboard doors, a simple sand and paint job may do, but also consider making new kitchen carcasses and doors if needed, using sheet MDF and a strong wood like oak for the fascias. The oak can be painted and finished in a style that suits most tastes; off-white, or a deep grey work well. Match this well with your flooring and accessories, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Kitchen Design On A Budget with Mark King Properties Cardiff

WORKTOPS: remove and replace

In most instances, you’ll have to remove and replace the worktops to get that modern new look you desire. But, there are cheaper options that look great. IKEA make wonderful wooden worktops, which can be cut to fit, or, consider worktop cement with a wax finish for an industrial, efficient alternative to expensive granite.

TILES: revamp or replace

Tile paint is an option if you already have a tile layout you’re happy with. But, replacing tiles and fitting them yourself is relatively inexpensive. A timeless, clean look will work wonders to transform any kitchen on a budget; like classic Metro-style tiles or using large tiles that cover more surface area.

FLOORING: remove and replace

The flooring will likely need replacing, and there are plenty of great options. Laminate wooden flooring is a cheap, yet classic, option that’s easy to install and comes in a range of colours from white to warm oak. Installing cork flooring is a simple option for a natural, warm and practical finish that looks fantastic, too!

Thinking ahead, to all the home-cooked dinners with your family…

Kitchen Design on a Budget with Mark King Properties

Other budget tips to consider:

Shop smart

It pays to shop around, so try to have fun with it. Make a list of what you need and commit some time to scouring sites like eBay and Etsy to find what you need. Etsy has storage options that are stylish, unique and affordable. Like canvas wall storage pockets that are perfect for utensils, or hanging pan racks that come in copper or brushed steel, depending on what style you’re aiming for.

Upcycle or recycle

True budget projects usually contain something that’s been upcycled. Is there anything you can salvage from the current kitchen? Or what about heading to a reclamation yard to see if there’s anything you could incorporate as a cheap but quirky feature? Some companies are now even making recycled carpet; which is made from recycled plastic bottles! A feature like this is resourceful and great for the environment, too.

Kitchen Design on a Budget with Mark King Properties

Finish it well

Without spending a fortune, you can add certain finishes that look and feel more expensive. Why not finish off those cupboard doors you painted with some elegant, vintage brass handles? Or add finishing touches like fresh herb planters that give off a fragrant smell when guests arrive. Or even introduce different colours and textures with fabrics like tea towels, clothes and napkins. Finishing touches bring all the hard work together, so make sure you finish the transformation with style and elegance and the makeover will be complete!

Wondering how best to add value and style to your property? Or looking for more home insights and inspiration?

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