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There are so many reasons why you might want to spruce up your home, on a budget. Perhaps you’re looking for a quick sale? Or you want to freshen up the look and feel of your home without spending a fortune?


Today on the blog we’ve summarised ten great ways to improve your home design without breaking the bank. Whatever your goal, these tips can go a long way if you want to make your home more desirable either for yourself and your family or to attract a buyer.

First impressions; refurbish your front door

Multiple Front DoorsWhat does your front door say about your home? It’s the first thing people see and dictates how your entire home looks from the street. Spruce it up with a lick of fresh, lightly-coloured paint, clean the glass and add a plant or two. Add a new doormat to finish it off, and make sure to tidy the outside of your home too. Ensure the garden is fully weeded, all bushes and plants are pruned, and the grass is short. If you have a driveway (that’s likely to have added value already), keep things looking smart with a few plant pots to make your home look inviting and appealing. There’s plenty of front door design inspiration out there, most of which is suitable if you’re on a low-budget.

Declutter: think clean lines and minimal design

Declutter-your-houseWe can all hoard things from time to time and our homes can end up cluttered. If you’ve ever searched for home design tips online, many of the images show sleek, minimal interiors. You don’t have to redesign your entire home to achieve that modern feel, but you can have a meticulous declutter. Ask yourself, do I really need this item? Is it of any value? If you don’t need it, consider selling it (car boots and eBay are great) or if you do want it, store it away properly and well out of sight. A tidy, well-organised home, without clutter, is always most desirable!

Let the light shine in

natural-sun-light-in-houseDimmers may create ambience at night, but it’s natural light that makes most of the difference, particularly if you’re looking for a quick sale. Nobody wants to buy (or live in) a dark and dingy home. So ask yourself, how can I add light? The first tip is usually to clean the windows, inside and out. Remove old blinds or curtains that don’t let the light flow in, and consider replacing with plain, Venetian blinds. All of which you can pick up at very reasonable prices. Another way to add light is with a paintbrush! Minimalist-pale shades like a dove white and light grey tend to make a room appear airy and bright, even when space is limited. So consider using paint to add lightness and brightness to key areas in your home.

Tackle the odd jobs

Tackle-the-odd-jobsOdd jobs, we all put them off. But this is the time to get those odd bits done, once and for all. Fix the dripping tap, and the broken door handles. Add that toilet roll holder you’ve been meaning to do. Paint the ceiling where a leak came through (and is now hopefully 100% fixed). It’s the odd jobs that can often overwhelm us, especially when there’s so many of them. But these bits and bobs all add up, and you’ll be satisfied once you’ve ticked them all off. If you’re looking to sell, we like to think of this process as doing all the odd jobs a new owner doesn’t want to do.

Target your ideal buyer

If you are redesigning your home ready for sale, speak to your local property expert first. They should be able to help you identify exactly who your target home-buyer is. That way, you can tailor any redesigns to suit them, increasing your chances of success. For example, if your target is young professionals you may want to style the spare room as a work-from-home office or freelance working space.

Mirror mirror, in the hall

An effortless yet effective home design trick is to install a mirror in the hall. It’s the first space people see when they come into your home, so you need it to announce loud and clear that this home is “bright, light, airy and tidy”. Invest some money in a stunning mirror and give the hall a good clean and tidy. This small investment can go a long way to making to your home look and feel more elegant and organised; ideal for your sanity and if you’re looking to make the right first impression when hosting viewings, too!

The kitchen counts


As Phil Spencer once said: “If you are only going to improve one room, make it the kitchen.”
But what if you’re on a tight budget? Add shelves and hooks to make the most of the space, tidy away the scruffy crockery and only display the best. Add plants for a sense of the outdoors coming in. Self-made kitchen cabinets can keep costs to a minimum whilst having a makeover-effect. You can even use wooden kitchen surfaces instead of fancy, expensive granite to overhaul your kitchen without spending a fortune!

To find out more about how to tackle your kitchen on a budget, read our article here; ‘Home Design on a budget: The Kitchen Makeover’

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Go au naturel in the bathroom

After the kitchen must come the bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, installing shelves and having a good tidy and re-organise can work wonders. If your bathroom suite is an unattractive colour, maybe you can work with it! We love the idea of adding wood panelling to the side of a bath, which can be done on a small budget. Adding a natural-material feature like a slate backsplash instead of tiles could work too, as could installing a cork floor. And for the other bits, new taps can come in at £20 and a heated chrome towel rail at £50. Also, consider adding a glass screen (£100) instead of a shower curtain to get a sleek, modern look for next to nothing.

Add an eco-friendly element

These days being eco-efficient is on people’s agenda. Not only should it be on your agenda if you want to invest to save money, but also consider how it can add value to your home if you’re looking for a quick sale! We’re not talking big jobs like installing solar panelling (although that is a good idea) but more like getting appropriate loft insulation. Consider fixing all the leaks and drafts and using reclaimed or recycled furniture where possible. Energy efficient lighting can make a huge difference too, so get every light fitting updated, and you’re bound to save energy and money.

Restore some character, or add a feature to your home

And finally, is there something that you could do on a budget that would make your home extra special? Be it for yourself or the future owner, adding a characterful feature can have a lasting impression. What about transforming the under the stairs space into a neat, tidy work or study area, or having a corner in the living room dedicated to reading and relaxing? If you’re looking to sell, you need to take the buyer on a journey when they visit your home. They need to be able to imagine themselves right there; so adding a quirky, low-cost feature is a great way to spark their imagination.

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