How to: Downsize Your Home

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A simple guide on how to downsize your home

Make Lists

When it comes to downsizing, lists are extremely helpful in the initial process. Why? Well, you can form lists of what you love and what you can’t live without, which will in turn, determine what you should get rid of.

There’s a difference between wanting and needing, and if you’re moving to a smaller house, sometimes you have to get rid of the former.

Your new, smaller home won’t offer the vast space you’re used to, but by keeping what’s on your wish list, you won’t be as upset about the things you can’t keep.

Prepare in Advance

Downsizing can take longer than you think. So, don’t leave it to the weekend before you’re due to move to try and whittle down your belongings; you’ll end up having a mini meltdown. Instead, start thinning out your belongings at least three months before.

Even if you spend an hour each day going through your wardrobe or disposing of old documents, it will help ease the pressure. You’ll have an abundance of others things to do closer to moving day, so the last thing you’ll want to be doing is sorting through your belongings.

Don’t Throw Things Out

We know what you’re thinking: how on earth can I downsize if I don’t throw things away? However, instead of completely disposing of them, you should donate to charity or do a car boot sale.

Just because you can’t hold on to it, it doesn’t mean someone else can’t. So, do your good deed and head to your local charity shop with bags full of clothes, books and household items. Or, if you could do with a bit of cash, set up a stall at the next car boot sale.

Have Your New Home in Mind

As you are sorting through your possessions, consider the size of your new home and compare it to your current one; this will really help. How? Well, you’ll be able to judge whether both of your sofas will fit into your new living room or if there is space for your dining table in your new kitchen.

Consider the dimensions of your new property to avoid spending time and money on trying to move furniture into a space that just isn’t big enough.

Use Local Storage Facilities

You’ll no doubt need to purchase shelving units, furniture with built-in storage, as well as other storage solutions when you move to a smaller property, particularly if you’re not getting rid of as much as you hoped you would.

However, what if the person buying your house needs to move in before you’re able to relocate to your new home? You’ll need to place your furniture and goods that are too big to go into boxes into local storage facilities. It’s well worth using these facilities to help reduce the stress of moving.

Downsizing needn’t be a stressful tiresome task, with our tips in mind, downsizing could work to your advantage. If you are looking for a quick house sale Mark King Properties can make you a cash offer today. We Buy Any House regardless of condition. The no.1 Sell House Fast service in South Wales.

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