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Something that is a real pain for people when they are moving, especially if they have got a limited budget, is covering both the costs of moving, especially if they are moving into rental, as this means making sure you have the money for the bond, and the rental advance for the new property. 

The problem you have got, if you are just using a traditional estate agent is that you will exchange contracts, go to completion, and the equity from your property that is left after the mortgage has been paid off will not get to you until the day of completion. 

The big difference, therefore, when dealing with myself, is that I am able to exchange contracts with you and release up to 10% of the property value. 

For example, if your property is worth £100.000 I can release up to £10.000 to you on exchange contracts, subject to there being enough equity in the property. The remaining amount will be paid to you on the day of completion once the mortgage is settled. 

This can make a huge difference in that it can give you flexibility to take care of what you need to do to vacate the property. 

With there being a shortage of good quality rental properties on the market right now, having money available will enable you to pick the property that you want, get it reserved successfully, and then complete on your old property. 

It also gives you flexibility in that you can actually have an overlap. For instance, you might have a lot of furniture in your old house, and you would like to have maybe a week or so of overlap from exchanging on your old property, to getting the keys to your new property, we are more than happy to do this too. 

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