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Selling your home can be an intense process, but also an exciting one.

You’re packing up and moving out and hopefully onto bigger and better things!

But first, you have to get your house ready to make it attractive to buyers, so that it sells and your house sells fast. Instead of feeling like it’s an unnecessary chore, try to view getting your home ready to sell as an exciting step towards your new home. Without a great deal of cost, you can make some significant improvements to your home, so that when potential buyers come to view it, it appeals to them, increasing your chances of making a quick sale.


Below I’ve listed out some of my top tips for getting your home ready ahead of selling it.

Clear it out!

One of the first things you should do if you’re planning to sell your home is have a huge clear out, declutter your space and throw out anything you no longer use or need. Not only will this massively benefit you when it comes to packing up to move out, but it also frees up wasted space to highlight to potential buyers the opportunity they have within your house should they buy.

Deep clean

Get the cleaners in and give your home a deep clean, covering everything from windows to carpets, ovens and underneath all furniture. For the remaining time you’re still living in your property, it will be far nicer to live in an extremely clean house and it means that when viewers come to look around, your home will look its very best. When it comes to your carpets, before you think about replacing them (which obviously has a large price tag attached) why not simply get a professional cleaning company in to clean them – you’ll be amazed at the results and if they look as good as new, you’ve just saved yourself the time and money involved with replacing them.

Fix it

All those little menial jobs like replacing lightbulbs in storage cupboards you barely use, fixing the broken doorbell and so on – take the opportunity to get them all addressed, so that for prospective buyers the house is showcased at its full potential. Block out a day or a weekend, depending on what’s required, and reward yourself each time you tick something off your list to make the process more fun!

Tone down your taste

Where possible, tone down your personal preferences, and keep your home looking as neutral as possible. When it comes to fixtures such as wallpaper or carpets you’re somewhat limited, but you could still limit the number of pictures, rugs, pattern cushions and ornaments you have around your home. It’s important the people viewing it can visualise themselves and their own belongings in the house as much as possible, and the less it looks like it still belongs to you (even though it does!) the greater the chances you have of encouraging a sale. You can use this as an opportunity to get ready for your own move by carefully packing and storing away personal items that are important to you, saving you time and effort when it comes to the big move!


Stage it

Preparing your house for a viewing by potential buyers is actually known as staging, so take the opportunity to ‘stage’ your home so that it looks its very best. Put fresh flowers in vases, pull back the curtains and straighten up mirrors and picture frames around your home. Give your house the best chance to show itself in all its glory by investing in small tweaks that will improve its aesthetic and make it more appealing.

Tidy up the toys

Whilst you might be happy to let your kids have their toys all over the house, try to tidy them into some sort of order ahead of house viewings. You don’t need to make your house look like a show home, as you want the viewers to be able to picture themselves in a lived-in home they could move straight into, but falling over your children’s toys as you walk around your home is a far from an ideal situation.

Make a house sell quick, clean up the toys

Clean the mirrors

By staying on top of small jobs around the house such as cleaning the mirrors and keeping cobwebs out of the corners of your rooms, you’ll find you’ve less to do once you have a viewing appointment booked. By actively tidying and cleaning your house day by day you’ll be breaking down the task of making your house sparkle, so that whenever someone wants to come and look around – you’ll be prepared.

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