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What Can Delay A House Sale – A Detailed Guide

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your home quickly. Unfortunately, there are also countless ways in which this may not prove possible.

Ensuring a fast property sale comes down to preparation, planning and having help from trustworthy sources.

In the vast majority of cases, it also relies on you finding someone willing to pay cash for your home, as that is the key to completing the deal fast.

There is a way of making this happen with the minimum of work and worry. You can simply put your South Wales home in the hands of Mark King Properties. He offers fair and realistic cash prices for all local properties, meaning you get the quick sale you wanted.

There are other ways to sell your house of course. Let’s look at the whole situation more closely. Here are some tips and insights on ways to sell your property fast independently. Then we look at how it would work using the efficient services provided by Mark King Properties.

What can delay a house sale?

If you want or need to sell your house quickly, what sort of issues could slow the whole process down?

The ultimate obstacle is that there are simply not enough people interested in properties in your location. Areas of South Wales come in and out of “fashion”. Plus, many buyers have long shopping lists when it comes to locality, such as being near the best schools or on bus routes.

Another reason you could find you have a lack of interest in your property is if the size or type of your home is not suitable for people who are currently looking to buy homes in South Wales.

If these issues are true for you, there is little or nothing you can do to secure a quick sale for your property. The demand for homes like yours is either there, or it isn’t.

The result is that you will have few viewings or none at all. Your house could sit on the market for many months, and that fast sale you wanted will become impossible.

Selling a property in need of work

An alternative obstacle for selling your house quickly could be that it needs either cosmetic or structural work.

Viewers form opinions about properties they view very quickly. If they visit your home and see something that alarms them, it cools their interest instantly.

This could be as simple as the state of your front garden, driveway, house fascia or anything else that viewers see when they arrive. First impressions really do count.

Then if viewers do come inside, to secure an offer, you will need your home to look appealing and worth its asking price. Patches of damp, poorly maintained window frames, outdated kitchens, moisture trapped in double glazing and a long list of other factors can put buyers off.

Having a target sale price is important, and you may well need that amount to buy or rent your next property or to settle debts. However, if viewers struggle to see the potential of your property, they will either walk away or submit offers well below the asking price.

To sell your house quickly, you may be left with the prospect of accepting a price that is considerably lower than its valuation, and far short of the amount you needed.

Investing in your home to secure a quick house sale

If your property does need repairs, or work to improve its appearance, then to sell your house fast you may need to spend cash. And set aside time to make the home improvements.

It will entail effort and money doing your own work on the house or even more cash to have tradesmen carry out repairs or decoration.

Not everyone is in a position to pay out money like this, to gain interest from potential buyers. It also slows down the sale process. So, if you are selling your house quickly, do you accept a lower price just to get it over with? Or do you wait patiently for some months for a buyer who can see the “potential” in your property?

You also have the added burden of keeping up with your mortgage payments, while waiting for someone to make an offer on your property.

The etiquette of property viewings

If your house is well maintained and of good appearance – or you have priced it according to its current state of repair – securing an offer for your house can still be hard work.

You will need to keep your home tidy, clean and clutter free for the duration of the time it is listed on the property market.

This can be a particular challenge if you have children or pets! Your viewers may not appreciate the spread of toys across the floor or the smell of wet dog, things that you have become accustomed to.

Keeping on top of a property, when in your heart all you want is a quick house sale, can be dispiriting and frustrating.

The right agency for selling your house quickly

With your property looking great and ready for potential buyers to view, much of the success in securing a speedy house sale then comes down to the effectiveness of local estate agents.

No matter how eager you are about selling your house quickly, you are in their hands.

You will need to make sure they are doing everything in their power to promote your home, using online methods and well-presented property details in their high street shop. Promoting houses in multiple ways like this is the only way to be sure of getting it in front of enough interested people, to find that one buyer willing to move quickly.

Remember, if you come across an unscrupulous estate agent who appears to be providing a very poor service, you may have a case to take to the property ombudsman.

The long process of selling

When you sell a house, it can be a huge relief when someone makes you a realistic offer. However, even when someone has agreed to buy your house, there is still a lot of work and worry ahead.

It can be a particularly long and frustrating period of time for anyone who wanted to sell their house fast.

The legal exchange involved in house selling is called conveyancing. This is when both you and the buyers engage a specialist to draw up contracts.

If the person buying your property needs a mortgage, they will also have to do some negotiating and admin that involves their bank or building society too.

The paperwork includes the buyer’s representative doing local searches for anything which could negatively effect the house sale price you have agreed on. Such as, are there local planning issues which could affect your property, or is your house near disused mines or areas that tend to flood?

The buyers – or at the very least their mortgage lender – is likely to commission a survey of your property too. This is where countless quick house sales run into a brick wall.

Surveyor’s reports are notoriously harsh. There are various levels of investigation, but each could throw up structural problems that delay or even stop the sale from happening.

At the very least, your prospective buyer may ask for money to be knocked off the house’s asking price you have agreed.

Then you have a dilemma. Is it worth accepting less for the property than the asking price, to be sure of selling your house quickly?

The “quick house sale” that never was

Bear in mind that sadly many South Wales property owners find that their quick house sale never actually happens.

For many reasons, house sales break down, right up until the completion date. This can be particularly heartbreaking if you really needed the transaction to go through swiftly.

One of the most common reasons is the inability of prospective buyers to pay. Buyers may make an offer and agree to move quickly, when in fact their own funding is not in place.

Lenders have stricter criteria these days, to prevent to the credit crisis that happened a few years back. Getting a mortgage is now difficult in the UK and many people – especially first time buyers – are faced with the challenge of saving a large deposit.

The national property trade values a cash sale highly of course. It means that a quick sale could be a reality. That too is fraught with problems though, if the cash price you are offered is far lower than what you hoped for. Not all buying companies have the interests of the home seller at the forefront.

That brings you back to the problem of selling your house quickly but having a shortfall in the money you need to move forwards with your life.

The best solution to selling your house quickly

Fortunately, for South Wales homeowners there is a way of overcoming all of these problems, with one phone call to Mark King Properties.

Mark King will buy any property, in any condition and locality. And always as a quick, cash sale.

There is no need to spend money or effort making repairs or improving its appearance. Nor is there any of the hassle of keeping it clean and tidy for viewers – who may or may not even turn up.

It means you won’t have to wait weeks for a realistic offer on your property. Instead, you will be offered a cash price for your home within 24 hours of the initial visit.

This no-obligation free quote for buying your property fast is created by a local expert. Someone who knows the value of the South Wales property market, and who is empathetic with local folk who need to arrange a fast home sale. Mark King knows that you matter.

The whole arrangement can be completed in a matter of days.

To talk to us about selling your house quickly, for a fair and realistic price, contact us today on 02920 501 001

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