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Hi, I’m Mark King and I am a South Wales property cash buyer. A question that I am usually asked is

what do you do with all of the properties that you buy?” 

To answer the question, a large number of the properties that we buy tend to need modernising or refurbishment. So what we do is modernise these houses and sell them on to owner occupiers. A lot of these properties will go to young families starting out as a first home. 

What we find is that it is much easier to sell a house that has been fully modernised, than one that hasn’t been. With house prices being much higher than they were a couple of years ago, the fashion for people to buy houses to renovate has fallen. 

For most young families, trying to find a 5% or 10% deposit is enough, and having the money available for renovations isn’t commonly possible. 

If you’ve got a property that you would like to sell, you can contact me by clicking on the link below, or calling my office on 02920 501 001. 

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