How Much Is My House Worth?

Do you ever ask yourself “How much is my house worth?”

Do you find yourself asking “How much is my house worth”? Are you considering moving house? Upsizing or Downsizing? Or perhaps you are doing a bit of renovation work this springtime? From double-glazing to outdoor space, all these things will play a significant part in finding your properties value.

Why Should I know how much my house is worth?

It is good to know how much your house is worth. Establishing your properties market value gives you more control over your finances. Things such as insurance premiums can be estimated from your house worth, and before you invest money into your home, if you are thinking long term, it is good to know how much value would be added to your home if you are ever to consider selling.

How do I know how much my house is worth?

Whether you have an intention of selling your home or not, it is not unusual to want to know how much your home is worth. The housing market can be unpredictable, and a good place to start would be to use websites that list similar homes for sale nearby. When doing this, remember that the asking price and the selling price are different figures. To get a more accurate idea of what your house will sell for it is good to look at recent sales in your area.

Asking Price VS Selling Price

The average cut from the asking price to a sale is 4% in the region of Wales, and 1 in every 2 sellers across the UK take a cut from there asking price to secure a sale. To read more about the asking price VS selling Price, click here.

If you want to know how much your house is worth there are plenty of online tools and resources to do it yourself. Here is what to consider.

What is Market Value? 

External Characteristics (architectural style, exterior condition, outdoor space, main road, driveway)

Internal Characteristics (size and number of rooms, construction quality, heating type, energy efficiency, furnishings, indoor period features)

Supply and Demand (The number of homes for sale versus the number of buyers)

Location (neighbourhood and amenities; such as school)

To find out more about Market Value, please click here.

How Can I Find Out How Much My House Is Worth Without Using An Estate Agent?

The traditional methods of using an estate agent to ensure asking price is met and sale of your property is guaranteed are fading fast. There are other alternatives in finding out how much your house is worth rather than letting the local estate agent through the door. Unfortunately, people still rely on getting an estate agent in to give a free ‘professional’ and ‘valid’ valuation, but this isn’t always the priority of the estate agent, and there are some secrets that estate agents don’t want you to know.

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