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We all know that location plays a key role in determining just how much you’ll be able to sell your property for, but what about other aspects that can have a huge impact on your valuation? From messy children to the lack of a decent pub down the road, we’ve had a closer look at some of the odd things that could result in you being able to command a little bit less for your home.

Messy children

Surely the fact that your kids don’t always put their toys away can’t have an impact on your home’s price tag? Well, studies carried out by ING Direct have shown that if you have a child with a messy bedroom, it can result in as much as £8,000 being knocked off the value of your house. Whilst that may seem a tad ridiculous, untidy areas can hide unique features and benefits of your house, so it definitely pays to ensure your kids tidy up after themselves if you’re planning on putting your home on the market.

Messy Children quick house sale impossible

Well-considered storage

Good storage is often overlooked but it can have a huge affect on your bottom line. If you own a property that has decent storage under the stairs, or even just some well-considered shelves or cupboards, you could be adding to the value of your home. All you have to do is ensure that it stays tidy and you could see your valuation creep up.

Pet problems

There are plenty of dog and cat lovers in the UK, so don’t expect your beloved pet to hold you back when it comes to selling your home unless it’s a particularly smelly one. Studies have shown that if your pets are either scary, smelly or you simply have what some would consider being too many pets, then you can expect to pay by seeing as much as five percent taken off the value of your home.

Dog in home sniffing at computer desk

Good neighbours

This one is completely out of your control, but unfortunately having less than friendly neighbours can see your valuation decrease, particularly if you’ve had problems with them in the past. Your home may be immaculate, but if someone valuing your home takes a look at your neighbour’s back garden and it’s full of old washing machines and overgrown plants, you could see your house commanding less than it rightfully should.


Zoopla has found that on average if your house is an odd number, you stand to net around £540 more than if you have an even numbered house. Why exactly this is nobody knows, but one thing’s for sure – if you live at number thirteen, you can expect the superstition surrounding the number to cost you, with the same study finding that a home with number thirteen on the door is likely to sell for more than £6,000 less than the houses either side of it.

Odd Numbers Grid Layout

A local pub

It’s on a lot of people’s wish lists when they’re scouting for their next property. ‘We’d like three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a good size kitchen and a decent local wouldn’t go amiss’. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that a good pub down the road, preferably one that serves a fine selection of craft ales, can add precious pounds to your valuation. Be wary though – a pub that’s too rowdy and on your doorstep is highly likely to decrease your valuation, so it’s all about being close enough to enjoy the pub, but not too close so it becomes a nuisance.

Local Pub Increase your house sale

Your taste

Whilst you may think you have perfect taste when it comes to interior design, you have to consider the fact that not everybody may agree. Taste that is perceived to be ‘bad’ can actually knock up to ten percent off your value, so it might be a good time to reconsider that wood panelling. If you’re looking to sell up quickly, then it’s probably best to follow the industry advice of having neutral decor that no valuation expert can take offence to.


Rightly or wrongly, a lot of stock is put into the names of your road. Zoopla conducted some research into the matter and found that the best type of road to live on in terms of price is a ‘Warren’. In fact, the very same research showed that houses on Warrens were able to command over £600,000 more than the national average. They also found that Kings were more expensive than Queens by around 20% and that the average price for a house on a street was just under £185,000. If you live on a rude street name, forget about any potential novelty value – the embarrassment involved in telling people you live on a road with a name like Crotch Crescent means that they are likely to have a lower valuation.

Sign Of Unusual Street Name

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