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Property Cash Buyer Trade Insights, tips and tricks, scams exposed

A series of video blogs from a real property cash buyer


Insights into the world of the Property Cash Buyer. How to spot a real Property Cash Buyer and avoid the scams.

Mark King properties provide insights into the world of the Property Cash Buyer. This feature page delivers trade insights from Mark King, a South Wales based property cash buyer and property expert. Mark King has been a Property Cash Buyer for over 20 years, this gives him a unique position in the property market, having helped 700+ people sell their home safely and successfully during this time.

This mini-series of property vlogs aims to give you all the information you need when researching and considering how to sell your house for cash. The property vlogs are delivered from Mark King, a genuine property cash buyer who wants to share his first-hand industry insights with you.

In this series, he goes through various commonly overlooked areas in order for you to gain a more detailed property insight. Use this page to find out how to spot a real Property Cash Buyer and avoid the scams.

Property cash buyers typically have a bad reputation.

News, media coverage and social media have helped highlight the scam artists and people who fraudulently position themselves as genuine cash buyers.

By watching these videos, you will learn about a few of his many trader insights, which will provide you helpful knowledge when dealing with a property cash buyer in order to sell your home quickly for cash. This includes how to look out for fake property cash buyers, scam artists and typical scam tactics, estate agents & property overvaluation and various other property scams.

Considering a property cash buyer could prove beneficial for many reasons, and knowing what to look for is key. If you are looking to sell your property here are our top tips for selling your home to a property cash buyer.

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