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Category: Property Cash Buyer Trade Insights

Trade Secrets of a Property Cash Buyer – Part 10 – Selling Properties Without Correct Planning Permission.

Mark King - Director of Mark King Properties - South Wales Property Cash Buyer

Hi, my name is Mark King and I am a Cardiff-based property buyer. I’ve been in the business about 20 years and have bought over 700 properties in that time. One of the issues that often comes up when people offer me properties, is about those without correct planning permission, before works have been carried… Read more »

Trade Secrets of a Property Cash Buyer – Part 7 – Selling a home with non-standard construction.

A derelict house in south wales purchased for cash byu Mark King Properties

One of the issues that I commonly see, particularly with an ex-local authority property or an ex-council property, is that they are not made of what is called a ‘Standard Construction’ What is standard construction? Generally speaking, a standard constructed property consists of brick and/or block walls under a tiled pitched roof sat on concrete… Read more »