How To Sell A House With A Structural Issue

Selling a property with a structural issue can be a stressful process for both buyer and seller. Property surveys are complicated and notoriously time-consuming, potentially damaging your ability to sell your house quickly.

What to do if your property survey has revealed hidden secrets

Structural problems can be hard to spot but they can also be extremely costly to fix, with quotations upwards of £20,000 being common for a problem that many sellers never knew existed.
Unsurprisingly, most buyers are going to be put off by the prospect of spending over the odds, which will leave your property on the market once more.
With such issues to contend with, it may be more preferable to talk to Mark King about getting a fast property sale.


A Home Buyers Survey Explained

When purchasing a house, most prospective buyers will want to see some sort of housing survey, or a structural survey depending on the type of build. Generally, if the building is older, a structural survey is more likely to be requested.
There is a range of different types of surveys, from the more brief RIC condition report, (£250+) home condition surveys (starting at £400+) through to full structural assessments (£600+).
Click here full a full guide to homebuyer surveys and costs.


Selling your home with a structural Issue

Recent regulatory changes now mean that all sellers must legally inform potential buyers of ANY information that may affect their decision on purchasing (including noisy neighbours)
For more information, and a full report on this, please click here.

Unfortunately, many prospective buyers are put off the idea of purchasing a property with a structural issue. A property survey could reveal hidden secrets about your property that could cost a potential buyer a scarily large sum of money.

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