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Sell your house for cash in 7 days

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to sell any house in South Wales

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Enter a postcode to get a free cash offer for any house.

Complete house sale in as little as 7 days!

Using a property cash buyer guarantees your sale. Most people are unaware that it is a free service, including covering any additional legal costs.

Why choose the 7 day quick house sale

This process eradicates the lengthy and costly process of advertising your home through estate agents, and this process also eradicates the possibility of having to wait for your buyer to sell their own house.

Arranging viewings, preparing your (now) show home for potential buyers isn’t something you need to worry about with a property cash buyer, and they will also cover the costs of any (legally required) energy certificates and any solicitor’s fees. This has been known to save people money and time.

Property cash buyers, or companies who buy houses for cash, are individuals or a team of investors, who are ready and motivated to buy your home. Deals have no chains, can happen fast, are 100% free of fees. It is within their business structure to facilitate the sale of your home at record speed. They can do this because they have capital ready to invest. There is an offer made on your home within 24 hours or less usually, if you are ready to accept the offer, then you really can sell your house in 7 days with a guaranteed safe & free service.

What to expect when you sell your house in 7 day’s with our guaranteed free service.
Over the years there has been stories around the press regarding property cash buyers. Here is what you can expect when you sell your house in 7 days with Mark King Properties.

As a company we have bought over 700 houses and helped each and every individual sell their home quickly and safely. When using our free service to sell your home, you can expect an offer within 24 hours. To do this you need to complete the form on the FREE HOUSE VALUATION PAGE.

Your offer will be based on the location of your home and the market prices in that area. Once you accept this offer the deal will normally be closed in 7 days for cash. One thing I pride my service on is settling at the agreed price, on time every time, and my fantastic team make this process swift and easy.

Within the 7 day process you can expect a very personal and facilitating service. I deal with all my clients directly, and I am available to answer any questions. Energy certificates can be arranged for free, legal fee’s are covered at no cost to yourself, commission or estate agent fees are waived, and IF YOU NEED A CASH ADVANCE this can also be arranged.

The property cash buying industries interests is to buy property and we do not expect our sellers to wait around or spend money. At the heart of our business, Mark King Properties provides a smooth service without problems. We are here to help and we prioritise every individual client.