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My name is Mark King and I am a South Wales based property cash buyer. 

One of the issues that we often come across, especially with run-down properties that have either been inherited or were formally rental properties, is that the property can have an awful lot of waste or rubbish left inside. 

This is something that can be stressful for vendors to deal with. Obviously if you are selling a property on the open market, it has to be cleared and correctly presented, with the possibility of needing refurbishment. 

With myself, that doesn’t actually matter. I am happy to look at the property, regardless of the condition, and trust me, we have bought properties with all sorts of issues. 

I will be able to give you a fixed cash offer. I don’t require a survey, and whatever offer I make to you on the day, that’s guaranteed to be the figure that I complete on, and if you need to complete quickly, this can be achieved in upto seven to ten days, or any period to suit your needs.

If you would like to find out more and book a valuation, please click on the link below or call our office number on 02920 501 001. 

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Excellent service provided by Mark King Properties, very efficient and fast house sale service! - Robert Tylor, Barry

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