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The process of bringing a property to market is rarely a quick one. What’s more, at the end of it, the seller is not guaranteed to get a sale, let alone a fast house sale. When you add in the stress of viewings, the hassle of inspections, the pressure of contract negotiation and the various added expenses that come with selling a home, it is unsurprising to find more and more people across the UK are looking for a simpler, faster way.

This is why we offer our simple house sale service. It allows you to get a quick cash payment for your property without being forced through the taxing and exhausting process of selling through a real estate agent.

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Simple House Sale 2016

Why property owners want a quick house sale

The people that use our simple house sale service come from all backgrounds and all have their own good reasons for wanting to speed up the process.

Many are about to move to a different city or country and would prefer not to deal with the hassle of renting out their current property while living far away. Some of our other customers have recently seen their family situation change and would like to move on sooner, rather than later. In other cases, we deal with people who are concerned about escalating mortgage payments and need to get out of their loan agreement in the quickest possible time.

In any of those situations, a long, drawn out process dealing with a real estate agent and the months of legal wrangling and red tape that come with it are the last things a property owner wants. This is why a simple house sale can be such an attractive prospect. But how do we make it work? And how do we ensure it benefits both our customers and ourselves?

Getting started with your fast house sale

From beginning to end, the process is designed to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Yet that doesn’t mean we take any shortcuts when it comes to security and legal procedures.

First off, you get in touch with Mark King Properties and let us know a few key pieces of information about the property you would like to sell. This won’t be a long interview or an exhaustive house history. We just need to accrue some important details at this stage so we can make an initial estimate on your home that is fair and accurate. Once we have that information, we can decide what our cash offer is likely to be.

There are a number of factors that go into this decision for the sell house fast service. We consider the age, size and state-of-repair of the property, plus the location and its local conveniences, and deliver a quote based on that. The reason we can do this is, unlike other property buyers, we already have the cash on hand waiting to purchase your property. We don’t need to seek financing and so already know what we can pay for the home. In fact, we make an offer on nearly every property presented to us.

If you’re happy with what we’ve offered, we move on with a property inspection from an independent surveyor. The appointment will be made based on your timetable and can be arranged at the earliest possible convenience. Based on their inspection, we will then name our final price.

Your decision from start to finish

It is totally up to you what happens next. You are 100% free to walk away from the deal at this time and try your luck elsewhere. You can rest assured, however, that the price is the price: we won’t be adding on any last minute extras, no legal fees will come back to bite you and there is no charge for using our fast house sale service.

If you do accept our offer, we’ll move through the rest of the process rapidly. We have a dedicated team of solicitors that are experts in getting the necessary paperwork filled out straight away. In fact, we often get through this entire process in just a few short weeks.

Why do you operate this service?

For us, purchasing a new property is always a good move. We are property developers with years of experience and mountains of connections across the UK. As we know the necessary steps to take to develop properties in any sort of condition and prepare them for resale or ‘rerent’, it makes sense for us to purchase all homes offered to us. Our business is based around buying and selling houses quickly and we have the resources to do it.

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