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I recently helped a couple secure their dream home, by achieving a super quick house sale.
The couple were delighted when I made a quick cash purchase on their home in just four days.

More testimonials from happy South Wales customers, who sold a house fast to
Mark King Properties.

I have been buying and selling properties in South Wales for over 20 years.


I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is struggling to sell their house. I had a house which wasn't selling due to the market being flat in the area and then I also found out I had japanese knotweed in the garden which made it even more difficult to sell. I contacted Mark and he gave me a realistic offer given the situation. The whole process was extremely fast and the solicitors were easy to deal with. Mark himself is a genuine man, very approachable and easy to talk to. The sale completed within 8 days and the money was in my bank within 10 days. It is so nice now that the pressure has been lifted from our shoulders. I would definitely recommend him to anybody in this situation. Thank you Mark!

- Glesni Davies


After my marriage fell apart late last year the family home had to be sold sooner the better so that we could move on. The house had been on the market anyway for the past 4 months without a single offer so I knew the market was fairly flat. Once i got in touch with Mark he was upfront and honest from the off which was very pleasing as I was apprehensive going down this route. Mark was very professional during the sale answering any queries I had in a patient manner. I would definitely recommend Mark if you need to sell your house quickly.

- Richard Jenkins


we had a house and mark king was so patient with our solicitor who was taking there time he is a man of his word he could have pulled out at anytime but did'nt he gave us a fair price would recommend him to anyone thanks mark for all you done.

- Andy Langbridge


I can highly recommend Mark and his company as a thoroughly decent outfit. Please indulge my story telling as 2015 was definitely the Annus Horribilis for us. Late 2014, Chris bought a house in Ebbw Vale to do up with a view to move in. The next door house needs major repairs and so Chris gave the council permission to erect supporting scaffolding in our back garden. However, in Spring 2015, I had unexpected major surgery and have been unable to work so he decided to sell. The property sold within days, however, the buyers were in a chain which eventually broke four months later. That put a spanner in the works. We thought about auction but then re-marketed. Again, the house sold within days but when it came to the day before completion, our buyers asked if the scaffolding had gone - as it hadn't, they pulled out. We were devastated and emotionally and financially exhausted. We needed to complete before Christmas, but there wasn't time - what were we going to do?

I lit a candle and meditated, praying and begging for help...

A few days later a leaflet came through the door, Mark King Properties about selling a house quickly.... I made a call and had a chat with a very helpful young lady but we delayed a little because it meant Chris making a loss on his investment. We started to explore quick house buyers... all offers were terrible... So I spoke and emailed Hina and Zan at Mark's office, (sorry if spelled wrong) who were really understanding, supportive and reassuring when answering all my questions. They were pragmatic and empathic at the same time. There was something different about these women - a sense of integrity and honesty. Chris arranged for Mark to value the property and his offer was significantly better than the others. Not only this, there was no pressure from him. We slept on it and decided to go ahead. Mark personally liaised with us throughout and was understanding, calm, and a voice of experience especially when we started to get jittery again.... I got the impression this is a company that not only keeps its word but did more by emotionally supporting us too when they did not need to.

Mark was approachable and always took my calls. Thanks to him we completed in two weeks, just in time for Christmas. I can safely say he saved us from losing our own home and financial oblivion. Further to this the solicitor, Gemma Monday was totally on the ball throughout with a refreshing approach.
We are grateful and thankful to Mark and his whole set up. We now look forward to a fresh start in the new year and to a Annus Mirabilis. Thank you.

- Elspeth Samuel


Established company built on reputation. I would recommend

- Richard Sylvester


Mark was an absolute pleasure to deal with, as well as being extremely professional from start to finish. I had to sell a family members property after a sad passing so the situation was emotionally difficult. Mark was very patient and understanding. Mark kept his promise and delivered exactly what he said, and on time! I can highly recommend Mark and his team. If your considering selling a property, you'd be crazy not to contact Mark King Properties.

- Chris Hamblin


I had an investment property I needed to sell, due to a bad tennant! I'm so very happy with the honest, friendly & down to earth service I had from the team! All the legal side of things were sorted out for me, with no hassle! If you need to sell your property quickly, I highly recommend them! They saved me from a lot of heartache, worry & stress! Thank you so much for everything!!

- Vicky Liddle

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