Trade Secrets of a Property Cash Buyer – Part 6 – Selling with Japanese Knotweed

My name is Mark King and I am a Cardiff based property buyer.
I have been in the business for over 20 years and I have bought over 700 properties within the South Wales region. I buy a range of properties for cash and can complete a purchase very quickly.
The types of property I buy widely vary. I buy properties that normally have difficulties selling with an estate agent. Please see my blog post ‘the types of property that I buy’ for more information.

Selling your home with Japanese Knotweed

One of the issues that I come across often within the South Wales region are properties that have Japanese knotweed either within the boundary of the property, such as in the garden area of the property or even on land nearby the property.

Japanese knotweed is a harmful and invasive plant that can end up drastically damaging and devaluating your home.

To find out more about Japanese knotweed and the damage caused by the plant, click here.

In order to get a mortgage, a common lending requirement is that your property must sit within the minimum distance of any Japanese knotweed.

This can be a very serious problem with mortgage lenders, because most of them require a minimum distance from any Japanese knotweed. This minimum distance from Japanese knotweed accounts for both the actual structure of the property and the boundary of the property. Some people don’t even realise that Japanese knotweed is sprouting up in the garden or harmfully growing nearby.

If you are trying to sell a house with an estate agent that is nearby to Japanese knotweed, you may find that buyers have their mortgage rejected. In effect they would have to pull out of the purchase.
If you need further information and advice on how to control Japanese knotweed please click here.
If you have a property that has Japanese knotweed and you are struggling to sell it, please give me a call, or click on my web link.
My team will be more than happy to take a look at your property, we can make a guaranteed cash offer, we do not need a mortgage lender and we can complete a purchase in as little time as 7 – 10 days.

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