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Are you trying to sell your house in South Wales? You want to present your home in its best light. Potential buyers are of course more likely to opt for properties in good condition, after all. But take a moment before you begin fixing everything you see as being wrong with your house. There are some things that you are actually better off not fixing. Avoiding these can save money, and time, and even encourage potential buyers to make an offer.

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Large scale renovations

You want to bring your property up to the maximum possible market value. But you will be spending more money than you can make back if you invest in last-minute large-scale renovations. These bigger home improvements won’t necessarily prove beneficial in the grand scheme of things. Buyers won’t be surprised by a home looking lived in! Are you considering laying new flooring or replacing big fixtures such as a bathroom suite or kitchen? Bear in mind that these upgrades won’t appeal to everyone. Many buyers want to put their own stamp on a home. Modernising your bathroom in an old-fashioned home could even appear a little disjointed. Any big plans like creating a more open-plan space or adding a conservatory should be left out, too. This is true even if other homes in the area have these additions.

Minor problems with electrics

Of course, larger electrical issues should be dealt with in an ongoing manner. Any unsafe electrical items or fittings will need to be fixed before you begin showing your home. Smaller issues, such as stiff light switches, won’t impact the worth of your house. Installing new electrical outlets for a contemporary household can be handled by buyers. The same goes for updating lighting to appear more modern. Minor problems will rarely end up with a buyer deciding not to make an offer.

Getting in line with modern building rules and regulations

New build homes come with new regulations regarding what is allowed within a property. However, if you have an older home, it isn’t always necessary to bring your property in line with these rules. Check to see which features or elements may not align. They might be grandfathered in which means you won’t have to update them for your home to be sold. Modern planning regulations won’t apply to your building in this case, as long as they were in place before the laws changed.

On-trend decorating

Are you worried that your home might not be the most contemporary property when it comes to your decor? If this is down to wear and tear, then a little freshening up can be beneficial. But if you are considering a full home makeover with new, on-trend colours and materials, take a moment to think about it. Repainting in neutral shades, or at least touching up scuffs or scratches, will improve the look and feel of your home. But colours that are popular today might not be in vogue in a couple of months. It is highly likely that a buyer will redecorate regardless. Flashy colour schemes and prints may also repel certain buyers. They want to see the property as a “blank slate”. It can make it harder for them to imagine themselves at home in your house.

Replacing old tiles

Re-tiling might not seem like a big task, especially if you find yourself noticing cracked or damaged tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. But, such a job can be extremely time-consuming and challenging and often requires a complete replacement. Save yourself the trouble, as again these are things that buyers will often wish to replace.

Worn or outdated appliances

Your kitchen appliances may be on the older side, and you might think it would be a good idea to add a new fridge or dishwasher to increase appeal for buyers. If you have a freezer that is barely working and you need to purchase a new one, this might improve your kitchen. But are you are planning to replace all your appliances for buyers? Consider that those who buy your property will usually bring their own white goods. An exception to this may be something fundamental to the property. This usually includes your boiler and fusebox.

Less noticeable fixtures and fittings

A wobbly tap might be quickly tightened, but think twice before replacing small fixtures and fittings. This could include shower heads or taps that are in working order but might not look new. Kitchen countertops and cabinets are usually not worth replacing. Again, it is highly likely that even buyers seeking “move in” conditions will eventually wish to upgrade all of these.

What should be fixed

There are many aspects of your home that won’t need to be fixed by you before listing your South Wales property for sale. However, there are some essential areas that you should look into before you begin viewings. Major electrical or plumbing problems should be investigated and repaired. The same will apply to your gas appliances, to ensure that everything is safe and functional. Any fundamental structural issues should also be addressed. You will need to fix anything serious like cracks, rotten wooden joists, and signs of subsidence. Check your roof for leaks and the basement for flooding. Leaving such elements of your property without fixes can result in offers falling through. Lower offers are also likely. Assess your house thoroughly for deeper issues without worrying so much about the aesthetics.

How Mark King Properties can help

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