What to do when your house won’t sell

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Selling your home is a big decision, and even the most straightforward house sales can be stressful.

Things can feel even more difficult if you struggle to sell the property. If all you’re thinking is “I can’t sell my house”, it might be worth looking at strategies to move things forward.

There are many different factors that might be influencing the situation, so narrowing down the possibilities and taking proactive steps to turn things around can make a big difference.

We’ve put together this blog to tell you what to do when your house won’t sell.

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Why isn’t my house selling?

You’re likely to be wracking your brains trying to work out why the property is failing to sell.

There are plenty of reasons why this might be happening, and in your individual case, it could even be a combination of different issues. Market trends continually change and can be affected by wider circumstances like the state of the economy. A homeowner in Newport might encounter different issues to a homeowner in Cardiff.

Whilst some explanations might be outside of your control, there are plenty of things you can actively do something about. Some of the common reasons you might struggle to sell are:

• Poor choice of estate agent and ineffective marketing

• Too high an asking price

• Prospective buyers struggle to get a mortgage for the property

• Poor presentation of the property

• A slow-moving property market

• Wrong time of year

• You’re accepting offers that fall through

• A lengthy property chain

In some cases, it might be fairly easy to work out why the property isn’t selling once you know what some of the main causes are. Sometimes it’s sensible to seek advice from an estate agent, who can give you more of an insight into what’s going wrong. Once you understand the cause of the problem, you can consider solutions to tackle the issue.

What can I do to sell my property?

If your property in Cardiff, Swansea, or elsewhere in South Wales isn’t selling, it’s important to take action. The ideal way forward depends on the root of the issue. Sometimes you can make a rapid change that helps to sell a house, in other circumstances, you might have to be patient. Consider these strategies if you’re struggling, and remember to seek professional support when you need to.

Find a new estate agent

If your estate agent isn’t performing and is failing to properly market your home on property portals, finding a new agent might make a difference. An effective agent will market the property on their own website in addition to third-party platforms, is proactive about arranging viewings, and provides you with a responsive service. It might be worth asking friends and family if they can recommend an estate agent they’ve worked with before. If you have particular concerns about your estate agent, you can raise these issues with them or ask prospective new agents about these areas to make sure their service delivers what you want.

Improve the property advert

A reliable estate agent should craft high-quality adverts for your property, including ample images taken by a professional photographer. A poor quality or vague advert with few images won’t encourage house hunters to book a viewing. If your property isn’t selling, it’s worth checking the adverts for it. If you notice a lack of detail, lack of images or images of poor quality, and nothing that highlights what really makes the place special, the advert needs an overhaul. You may need to speak to your agent about the quality of the advert or consider finding a new agent. Equally, it is very important that the photos show a realistic view of the property.

Think again about the asking price

If the price is too high, you might struggle to sell, especially with many people across South Wales feeling the effects of a rise in the cost of living.

Checking out the price of similar properties in your area can be a good start towards finding the right asking price. Talking to your estate agent about this matter is also important. They have the expertise in property value and can help you understand what’s a realistic price for your property.

Your estate agent can also advise whether your difficulty selling really is down to a high asking price or whether other factors are at play too.

Prepare your home properly before viewings

A home that isn’t properly prepared before a viewing can be off-putting for potential buyers. Mess or clutter can make it harder for buyers to visualise living in the property. It’s imperative to prepare your home before every viewing. This means tidying up and cleaning thoroughly – you might choose to use a professional cleaner to get your home in great condition. Removing clutter, opening windows, or staging the home a little with touches like flowers are small ways to make a big difference and increase the appeal of the property.

Think about renovations

It’s understandable that you might not want to invest a lot into renovations for a property you plan to sell. However, highly personal decorating styles can make it tougher for buyers to visualise living there. Switching to more neutral styles and colour schemes might give you an advantage. It’s also worth completing any minor repairs and renovations that are necessary around the house. Buyers might notice these imperfections and view them as more work and expense after they buy the property. Small renovations can improve the look of the home and make it more tempting for buyers.

Read my full guide here on how to sell a house that needs modernisation.

Relist the property later

Certain times of the year can be particularly difficult for selling properties, for example, in the run-up to Christmas. At times the market fluctuates, and it’s more difficult to sell your home. If this is why you’re struggling, it might be a good idea to take your property off the market and re-list it at a better time in the future. Of course, this isn’t always an option, but if you’re in no hurry to move out it might be worth waiting a while for the market to improve.

Secure your property sale

Selling your home can sometimes be a challenge, and it can really be frustrating when the underlying reasons are outside of your control, or you’re not able to work out what’s wrong. 

If you’re struggling with selling a house in South Wales, Mark King Properties can help. I’m an experienced property cash buyer, providing a guaranteed house sale service across the region. To discuss your options and find out how I can help you get a speedy sale, get in touch.

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