When is the best time to sell my house?

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If you’re planning on selling your property, whether it’s the family home or a house that you rent out, the best way to ensure you get a good deal on house sales is to pick the right time of year.

While many other factors can affect what happens when you put your house on the market, finding a good time to sell can be instrumental in finding the right buyer and selling your house fast.

If you’re planning to put your property on the market and you have the opportunity to pick the time you list your house, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Read on to find out more about the best time to sell your home, from which season is best to which month offers the best chance of sales success:

Can seasons affect house sales?

Seasons can indeed have an impact on house sales – and a bigger one than you might think.

Traditionally, spring and early summer are widely considered the best seasons to sell in. Later in the summer comes summer holidays and travel, meaning fewer people will be looking to sell. Winter and late autumn are less desirable, and you won’t be able to show off your garden and outdoor areas to the fullest potential.

That’s not to say you can’t sell in the colder months of the year, but with Christmas on the horizon, families are far less likely to consider buying in comparison to March through May.

Early autumn is also more successful. September and October’s fairer weather shows off your home in a better light.

Many potential buyers would also prefer to move in milder weather too, further compounding spring and early autumn as the months of choice for selling your property.

Which month is best to sell my home?

If you want to pinpoint a single month that’s best for property sales to find a buyer, then March tops the list. Research has shown that properties sell faster in this month. While this isn’t a set-in-stone calculation, it certainly doesn’t hurt to go for a month that’s known for better house sales. It also helps that no school holidays occur in March, and no other major holidays of other types either. Mix it all together, and March is a desirable month to put your house on the market.

What day is best to sell my property?

While in the vast majority of cases you don’t expect your property to sell the day you put it on the market, the day you list your house can have an impact on how quickly it sells. Listing on the weekend may prove to be more successful because that’s when people will be looking at properties.

If you’re listing on a platform that showcases new properties, that means you’ll be visible when potential buyers are specifically looking for houses like yours. However, it’s far more worth your time and energy to look at seasons and months as opposed to specific days of the week.

Should I sell my home right now?

It can be tempting to want to get your house on the market as quickly as possible. Maybe you want to move, you want to begin your house hunting journey, or you’re looking to sell your house quickly.

But if you want to get the best deal when you sell your house, it’s worth paying attention to those trends.

While most homeowners can’t wait for the best year to sell, waiting for the best month or season can pay off.

Estate agents may tell you to get your house online as soon as possible, but it’s up to you whether you consider it a good time to sell based on time of year and various other factors.

Are there any time differences for different types of houses?

It may surprise you to learn that different types of houses sell better at different times of the year.

Houses tend to fall into two categories: small and starter homes, as well as larger family homes.

For one and two-bedroom houses, the best time to sell is early in the New Year. Following the festive period is the time when first-time buyers or those looking for more space may be looking for their next home. By contrast, large homes tend to be purchased by those wanting to upgrade or for growing families.

Anytime outside of school holidays is the best time to sell larger homes, though the rules for spring and autumn still apply.

What other factors affect when I should sell my home?

It’s always worth considering what’s going on around your home when it comes to selling.

While conventional property sales wisdom says spring is the best time to sell, that won’t be true if significant construction works are planned near your house for spring.

Similarly, if you plan on renovations, you may need to push back your sale as spring and summer are the best time of year to complete works, especially external work.

Should I take my home off the market if it doesn’t sell within a certain time?

It can be frustrating finding a good time to sell only to have your property sat on the market for months.

Depending on the time of year, it may be better to take down your home from sale and list it fresh at a better time.

For example, if Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, you may want to remove your listing and begin again once the festivities are over.

Does time matter when it comes to selling your property?

Realistically, if you have a property that’s sought-after and likely to have a lot of interest, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the time you put your house for sale. But if your home isn’t likely to be inundated with hundreds of offers, any good estate agent or mortgage lender may advise paying attention to those crucial days.

Putting your house up for sale at the right time can improve your chances of selling fast, which is essential if you’re looking to buy a new home yourself.

So when should I put my house on the market?

Whatever time of year you list your property, there’s the potential for the right buyer finding your home. But by paying attention to seasonal trends, the best months to sell and other time-related factors like school holidays, you can set yourself up for success.

If you want to sell your house fast, doing it the optimal way will always be a great benefit for you – and a benefit for the buyers looking for their dream home too.

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