Will South Wales Millionaire Sell His House Fast?

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Local millionaire businessman Wayne Devine lives in a truly spectacular 8 bedroom home in Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales.
A home which 13 years ago sparked a Super Star bidding war that made the mansion sell faster than the estate agent, Richard Morgan, of Watts and Morgan, was expecting. The home sold so fast that it did not even go to market.

At the time of sale in 2003, the estate agent had 4 high-end property cash buyers before the property even hit the shelf. Famous local Welsh celebrities, famous football/Rugby stars and international movie stars all quoted by Richard Morgan having visited the property. READ ABOUT THIS HERE.

As stated in the article Rhonda businessman Wayne would eventually be the man who pipped Famous Footballer John Hartson to buy the South Wales Ewenny Court Mansion. The property was sold to My Devine for a local record of 2.8 million Pound Sterling.

…and the millionaire businessman’s property is back on the market for a mere 3.25 Million Pounds Sterling. However, the house has not sold as fast as before this time. Shown here on the Rightmove website for sale since March of 2016.

Though the house has been on the market for a month now, the lineup of interested parties can only be imagined as extraordinary. If you think about it; the list of superstars that could potentially get this property off the market quickly is endless. To give you and example of the type of people who already own property in Wales, whoever buys this 8-bedroom mansion will join Super Stars like;

  • Sir Anthony Hopkins, Famous Movie Star
  • Craig Bellamy, Former Newcastle and Cardiff Football player
  • Tom Jones, Pop Mega Star
  • Catherine Zita Jones, Welsh-born Mega Star Actress
  • Christian Bale, Actor, Movie Star

These are just some of the famous people from Wales who still own property here. It is exciting to think about the list of potential buyers who could quickly be neighbors of ours in South Wales.

Celebrities That Could Buy The Welsh Mansion

Famous celebrity homes are up for sale and selling around the world. Like this 7.2 million dollar property in Nevada Foothills owned by Funny Man Eddie Murphy, could Eddie swoop in to take our Welsh Millionaires Mansion off the shelf quick?

million dollar property in Nevada Foothills owned by Funny Man Eddie Murphy

Or could Sir Elton John be a new face in and around the Valleys? This apartment in London’s upmarket Chelsea owned by Sir Elton John is up for sale at 4.3 million pounds sterling. This magnificent penthouse populates the entire 15th floor of the Belvedere Building (See Picture). This surely mean this pop ICON is searching for a new house of his own. Does this mean that Elton John is giving up the city boy lifestyle to enjoy the beauty of the welsh countryside? Only time will tell.

apartment in London’s up market Chelsea owned by Sir Elton John

Get the full list of potential celebrity buyers whose homes are for sale- click here

Features that could help the South Wales Mansion to Sell Fast

The Homes Original Charm Sold Fast Last Time:

For over 13 years the life at this luscious home has been nothing but a sheer pleasure. This luxurious modern mansion is breathtaking, nestled in acres of tremendous landscaped grounds. The whole place and its grounds have been designed to offer its owner a life of luxury and leisure.

The current owner Wayne Devine had once wanted to build a dream home of his own from scratch, but once he had found this immaculate Ewenny Court property, it stole his heart.

“Aesthetically it was delightful, I loved its external appearance and walked into the house knowing that I wanted to buy it because it was everything I wanted,” he said. “Built in Cotswold stone, it sat beautifully within its countryside surroundings. It was a new home but looked as if it had been there for years.” – Wayne Devine

It could be the leisure factor that sells this house:

Like all homes of the rich and famous selling around the world, the leisure facilities at Waynes home are phenomenal. These are the kinds of facilities that could bring people like the Famous Golfer Colin Montgomerie, who is also in the market for a new property as his luxury property (as seen below) is on the market right now for a whopping 4.5 million pounds. Among many other things, the house could sell to Colin quite fast as there is Golfing facilities already available.

Famous Golfer Colin Montgomorie's Mansion Up For Sale

During his time owning the property, Wayne has spent time and money upgrading the already substantial property. Including increasing the accommodation and adding leisure facilities for his family to enjoy. An additional 4 bedrooms have been added to the property, as well as playrooms, drawing rooms, a games room and working bar. These features will surely help sell the South Wales Mansion in no time. On the other side of Ewenny Court is the leisure complex. With everything from a heated swimming pool, with a retractable covering; to a fully equipped gym and a steam room. Wayne has also ensured to landscape the grounds adding a tennis court, along with a sports field where children could play football, cricket and golf. At this point, if I had the money to buy this home, I would be sold… what about you? COMMENT BELOW or on our social media channels.

Will this Home Sell Fast?

According to my sources, maybe not…
Especially as we have already seen this property has taken a lot longer to sell than it did last time on the market. The price of the property has risen some, though features and amenities added are well worth the additional hike up in price. The fact of the matter is though; if your selling any house fast, even selling celebrity homes, you will end up following the same Golden Rule. That is Location, location location. As quoted here by Mark David, a writer for Variety.com.

“The perks of fame and showbiz success are undeniably many, but when it comes to selling their multimillion-dollar residences, famous folk and other industry bigwigs are, by and large, subject to the whims and forces of the marketplace just like regular people. The golden rule of real estate is almost universally touted as “location, location, location,” but most agents we spoke with told us that price is the real culprit when a property — celebrity-owned or otherwise — languishes on the market.” – Mark David, writer for Variety.com

Let’s Face it Though it probably will sell soon…
According to the details, I found on Rightmove about this property for sale in South Wales, the location should not be a problem when selling this house quickly. Located near the affluent market town of Cowbridge, and not far from historic towns like Llantwit the beauty of this location is sure fire seller. There is also easy access to the main cities of Cardiff and Swansea making the quick sale of this house an inevitability.

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